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  • Autonomous City of Buenos Aires#

Buenos Aires and its neighborhoods

Callao Av - Buenos Aires
Callao Av - Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city, officially denominated as Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, is surrounded by the rest of the province and by the large “Río de la Plata”.

The city is divided in 47 neighborhoods. Although I visited every one of them, I can’t talk with the same exactitude about each of them. However, I will talk about the stunning beauty and attractiveness of some of them.

The neighborhood’s names are: Agronomía, Almagro, Balvanera, Barracas, Belgrano, La Boca, Boedo, Caballito, Coghlan, Constitución, Colegiales, Chacarita, Flores, Floresta, Liniers, Mataderos, Monte Castro, Monserrat, Nueva Pompeya, Núñez, Palermo, Parque Avellaneda, Parque Chacabuco, Parque Patricios, Paternal,Recoleta, Retiro, Saavedra, San Cristóbal, San Nicolás, San Telmo, Vélez Sarsfield, Versalles, Villa Crespo, Villa del Parque, Villa Devoto, Villa General Mitre, Villa Ortúzar, Villa Pueyrredón, Villa Lugano, Villa Luro, Villa Real, Villa Riachuelo, Villa Santa Rita, Villa Soldati, Villa Urquiza, and last but not least, Puerto Madero.

Palermo - Buenos Aires - Lago - Rosedal
Palermo - Buenos Aires - Lago - Rosedal
Inside these same neighborhoods, we fin some inner ones to which can be, Centro (San Nicolás), Barrio Sur (Monserrat, San Telmo y Constitución), Congreso (Monserrat), Once (Balvanera), Barrio Norte (Recoleta, Palermo y Retiro), La Isla (Recoleta), Barrio Parque (Palermo), Soho Porteño (Palermo) or Las Cañitas (Palermo).

Buenos Aires has an unstoppable activity in any way you can understand that. The burs, pubs, clubs, coffee stores, pizza places, restaurants, are opened till dawn.

There are many restaurants of all kinds, in places like Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Palermo y otras zonas como la Costanera Norte, Soho Porteño, Palermo Hollywood and Las Cañitas.

The “porteña” nightlife is something sometimes unbelievable, as people seem to live for partying. You can see this in any pub, club, bar, of any kind of music. They don’t seem to rest on weekends!

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