Mrs. Amelia Goyri, La Milagrosa, died being delivering of a child on May the 3rd, 1901.


Paladar de Enrique


Cuba - January 2008


Isabel & Julio
Isabel & Julio
This morning Martha awoke me early, not to be late, and go to have my breakfast at “Paladar de Enrique”, before her friends come to take us to the Cementry, called “La Necrópolis de Colón”. After waiting for a long time, they came. Very calm, as they didn´t know they were late. .This couple is polite and cultivated.. The man, Julio, told me he was an mechanical engineer and the woman, Isabel, is a lawyer. They are earning more money with one room, as Casa Divisa. And renting their car sometimes...than working in their professions.

In Cuba all professionals eartn almost the same money. I´ve paid for a few blocks, both ways, 10 CUC. I´ve realised it was too much, but, I´had the oppotunity to talk to a 45 years old Cuban couple. Julio´s family is living in USA. Isabel is the mother of a 18 years old girl who is in a boarding College, in another town. Isabel is happy because next Sunday will take place the elections and her daughter will come to vote at Havana. There is a diputies election and delegates to the Provintial Popular Power Assemblies.

Necrópolis de Colón

La Milagrosa
La Milagrosa
We entered the Cementry, it was clean, organised, with huge trees and beautiful plants. Walkinging .to. the left , we found the mejestic, white marble made, La Milagrosa monument.

She has around her arms a cross and a baby. We put on her sepulchre the flowers we´ve brought for her. Mrs. Amelia Goyri, died being delivering of a child on May the 3rd, 1901.

Tradition tells that when the corps were exhumed, she was with her baby around her arms and at the same time she was keepinga big cross. It is said that Mrs. Amelia Goyri is miraculous, and people who pray to her have to go backwards when they leave.

Juanita Colomer

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