Walking along Paseo del Prado

Restored Buildings

Cuba January08CHAPTER IV

Hotel Sevilla

Cadeca Office

We keep walking along El Paseo del Prado, and we coud appreciate some . restored buildings.

“Wedding Palace”, painted in white, looking as a bride dress. Then we crossed the avenue and went to the restored Hotel Sevilla alleys. There, Enrico Caruso, the great Opera singer,lodged in 1920. Also a Graham Greene character, in Room N* 510,et...Hotel Sevilla is a traditional fancy hotel, I liked it very much.

In a store in the its alley I bought an Havana Map, and some “Che” Guevara, Fidel Castro and Fidel and Hemingway photos , you must must know.

I changed some Euros into CUC in a CADECA office. CADECA is a change office authorised by Cuban Government.

National Ballet School

Very close to hotel Sevilla is the National Ballet School, that keep training young people as classic dancers. We met many young long legs dancers walking with their characterictic rhythmical pace... The International Ballet Festival takes place at Havana every two years in odd years. There are many others Music and Dance Festivals in the island. The International Jazz Festival, famous all over the world takes place in December, in odd years .

We keep walking. We passed in front of “Hotel Telégrafo”, “Hotel Inglaterra”, the “Gran Teatro de la Habana”. Very luxurious buildings, restored for turists. Then, we admired José Marti, monument. Called by cubans The Apostle. El “Capitolio” is at the very end of “Paseo del Prado”. We have visited it, it is free entrance. Inside there is a big Internet office. At the back, is the “Fábrica de Tabacos Partagás”.

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